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Enconchado Retablos

Very few Historic Enconchado Retablos exist today, Mostly today in the Museums of Mexico. This techinique was done 1600's and 1700's only and its origins may be Asian instead of European. Made with inlayed Mother of Pearl Sea Shells..

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Nuestra Senora de Dolores Enconchado Retablo

Inlayed with Mother of Pearl and Gesso Relief

8" x 14"



Nuesra Senora del la Canderlaria

11" x 24"


Framed Chop Marked 8 Reale

King Carolinus 1806.

Photos of other chopped marked Coins from our collection

Currency of the Spanish Pacific Fleet and USA until 1857

Same size and weight as the silver dollar.

Very unique and rare.

12" x 12"



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