Catherine Robles Shaw, Santera  

The Lamb of God Retablo


 The Lamb of God Retablo


11" x 15"    

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New Works

Guadalupe Over Pacal

Mayan glyphs on the left December 21, 2012

Right side Date Guadalupe appeared December 12, 1531

12" x 26"


San Ysidro Labrador

Patron of Farmers Feast day May 15

11" x 24" x 1 1/2"




N. S. de Guadalupe Retablo

11" x 28"


Sangrada Corazon Altarscreen

28" x 37" x 6"  Nice carved details

Best of Show 2016 Tesoro Foundation


We Stand Together Altarscreen

First Place Spanish Market 2009



 2008 entry winner



The Passion Altar
Holly Coors Award Foothills, 2005

Now in the Carlsbad Episcipal Curch in Carlsbad, NM

!st Place Retablos at the Fort 2007
San Ysidro Labrador
Altarscreen 2019

Spanish Market 2004
Guadalupe Altar
First Place Altarscreens

In permanent Collection at the National Hispanic Center, Alburquerque, NM

Saint Francis of Xavier Altar Screen
Enconchado Large Retablo
In our name of our Father
35 x 27.5

Guadalupe Retablo
2005 Spanish Market winner  


Christo carved by Rubel Jaramillo
 could be his last Christo
Finished by Catherine, 2007
28" x 20"
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Altar Screens, Retablos and Bultos

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San Francisco

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