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Saint Urusla Retablo

2017 Pastor's Choice at the 14th Santero Show in Old Town Albuerquerque 

7.5"  x 14.5"


N. S. de Guadalupe Retablo

Painted on a log and carved.

6" x 13"


Flight Into Egypt  Retablo

7 " x 13.5 "



Saint Thomas Aquinas Retablo

Patron of Scholars 

4" x 9"




Santa Anna Retablo

9" x 15" Nicely carved and inset

Patroness of Canada, Grandmothers and Horse Women



Santiago Retablo

6.5" x 12"



Marrage of Mary and Joseph Retablo

Nicely Carved and Inset!

9"  x 15"


San Geronimo Retablo

6" x 11"



Cristo Retablo



8"  x 14.5"


Madonna and Child Retablo

23 carat gold leaf, Inset and nicely carved details


10 x 15


San Ysidro Retablo

Patitioned for Rain, For Farmers and Gardeners


6"  x  13"

Santa Kateri Bulto  
Saint Christopher Retablo


6" x 12"

Saint Wolfgang Retablo

6"  x 12"


San Jorge Retablo

6"  x 12"



Altar Ladys Altarscreen

12.5"  x 23"

Nicely carved and inset panels


Virgin of the Apocylpse Retablo

6.5"x 12.5" 


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Small Retablo Gallery

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