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This is a collection of smaller  Gift size and less common but popular retablos..   Please view full screen!

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N. S. de Guadalupe Retablo

7.5"  x 13.5"



N. Guadalupe Retablo

7.5" x 14.5"


Saint Cecilia Retablo

5.5"  x 12"



San Juan Diego Retablo

Con la tilma de Guadalupe

6" X 9"


Saint Andrew Retablo

6" x 12" 


Madonna and Child Retablo

6"  x 12"


Nativity Scene Retablo

7"  x 13"



Saint Ignacio de Loyola Retablo

6" x 11"


Saint Vitus Retablo

Patron of Dancers and Actors


6"  x  11"


Our Lady of Sorrows Retablo


5.5"  x 11"

Saint Jude Retablo


6"  x  12"

San Ramon Nonato Retablo


6" x 12" 

Santa Clara de Asis  Retablo


6" x 11.5"

Saint Christopher Retablo


6"  x 11"


Sangrada Corazon de Maria Y Joseph Retablo

6"  x 11"



Saint Anthony Retablo

6" x 13"



Black Madonna Retablo

6" x 12" 

Santa Rita de Casia Retablo
Patron Saint of Impossible Situations

6" x 12"


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